Basic, Commonsense Tool Kit - components

Basic, Commonsense Tool Kit

Measuring tools:

Combination square Sliding bevel Marking gauge Framing square Steel tape (10' or 12') Folding rule Compass

Scratch awl Cutting tools:

Crosscut saw (12 pt.) Rip saw (6'/z or Th pt.) Backsaw or dovetail saw (15 tpi) Coping saw Hacksaw Slip-joint pliers Needlenose pliers Diagonal cutters Shaping tools: Smooth plane Low-angle block plane Wood chisels (V, V, V, Single-cut mill bastard file Round rasp Flat rasp

Cabinet scraper and hand scrapers

Utility knife Joining tools:

Claw hammer (16 oz.) Finish hammer (8 oz.) Nail set Wooden mallet

Screwdrivers (Straight, Phillips)

Doweling jig

Bench vise or clamping system Bar or pipe clamps (2-3' and 2-5' min.)

Handscrews C-clamps

Portable power tools: Router (1 HP, V collet) (Purchase bits as needed: bead, chamfer, cove, dado, straight, round-over, rabbet) Circular saw (7V) Drill {%" variable speed) Twist drills (V'-V) Spade shaped drill bits Brad point drills Saber saw