How to make perfect miter joints


The picture-perfect miter joint - is it possible to accomplish?How to make perfect miter joints

We think so, and we're sure you'll agree with us after you master the easy-to-learn tricks and techniques we share with you on the following short article.

Lots of home hobbyists have a terrible time making accurate miter joints. Many a can of wood putty have been forced into the crevices between two "almost accurately cut" pieces of wood.

While that's great for manufacturers of this product, it doesn't say much for the level of craftsmanship.

Actually, simple miter joints aren't any more difficult to make than an accurately done butt joint, for example. In fact, you can make any joint well if you follow the Golden Rules of Joint Making.

Rule 1 - Use a sharp saw or bladeto make the cuts;

Rule 2 - Set up your saw accurately;

Rule 3 - Test the setup on scrap before cutting;

Rule 4 - Learn how to compensate for the minor fitting problems you'll encounter.

Enjoy making perfect miter joints!


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