Having a specific place to do your woodworking

As with any other hobby, you'll need an area that's convenient, comfortable, well-organized, and with sufficient space for work and storage. Depending on your experience level, the number of tools you have, and the size of most of your projects, that space can be great or small, basic or elaborate, but you'll need a definite area for a workshop to call your own.

Finding The Space
Available space, and your needs, will dictate where to locate your shop. The most likely places are basements, garages, and seldom - used rooms, but even closets and attics can be candidates. A basement, though, has several distinct advantages over other areas. It's out of the normal family traffic pattern, so your work won't be disrupting. More often than not, it has lots of unused space that can be put to immediate service as well as allow for expansion. And, basements make a comfortable working atmosphere - cool in summer and reasonably warm in winter.There are, however, two limiting factors in using a basement: accessibility and dampness. First, you have to be able to get materials in and out without much difficulty. And if you can't control dampness by waterproofing or dehumidifying, you'll have to locate other shop space.

Planning For Your Needs
Once you've found the site for your shop, take some time to plan on how to best equip it. The pointers which i'll present you in the next article, can help you decide on what to include, space permitting, of course.