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As a home woodworker, you know the satisfaction you can derive from creating things with wood in your shop. What you may not know is that you're involved in a hobby that is quietly sweeping this country. Woodworkers are literally everywhere, and they're producing a lot of surprisingly good-quality work. We are all part of a renaissance of interest in quality, in things made by hand, and in the self-satisfaction that can come from doing things yourself.

The goal of all of us is to heighten your enjoyment of and increase your abilities in this fascinating hobby. We'll do this by providing you with lots of well designed, useful projects and shop-tested woodworking techniques ... all presented step-by-step ... and a host of other material designed to enlighten, inform and entertain.

I do need your help, though. I'd like to ask you to share with us and the rest of our readers your favorite shop tips, slides of some of your woodworking efforts, humorous experiences you've had while woodworking, and suggestions for articles you'd like us to present in “Woodworking plans for furniture”.

Once again, welcome to “Woodworking plans for furniture”! Here's to a long and satisfying woodworking relationship between us.